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June 13, 2004

Hey Fanz!

Gordon's Acoustic Living Room Gordon's Acoustic Living Room just won't go away!

Catch us at The Free Times Café, 320 College Street, two blocks west of Spadina, on June 20, and every third Sunday of the month.

No telling who'll show up or what they'll do, but I'll be there, and you should too!

The Persistent Roomers are also doing a fundraiser for Descant , a 35 year old Literary Magazine that publishes new Canadian writing.  If you're interested in supporting the magazine, contact Rory Sinclair.

Street dance season is upon us, and Mr. Froggie and the Wormgear will be appearing at the Westholme Street Party on Saturday, June 26.

Port Dover Dragonboat ChallengeAND

Patio Dave & the Lanterns are now confirmed to play for the
big street dance in Simcoe on Wednesday, June 30.

The main intersection has been all ripped up since forever, and now it's going to be all done, and all nice too!

We'll also be playing at the
Dragon Boat Races in Port Dover on August 28!


AfrofestAfrofest is the largest annual festival of African music and culture in North America.  It takes place this year on Saturday, July 10 and Sunday, July 11 at Queen's Park, behind the provincial legislature.

It's also the biggest and best party in Toronto that nobody knows about.  Well, except for the 10,000 people, including African musicians from all around the world, who come every year for the music and the African crafts, not to mention the corn soup and the fried plantain.  I won't be playing, but look for me near the Amnesty International tent.

Actual results - Canadian federal election 2000 - Ontario

Did I mention there's an election on?

What if we actually got the government we voted for?

The Amazing Proportional Representation Simulator

See you soon!
Wayne Neon

From the pages of the Simcoe Reformer:

Patience pays off

Hang tough Simcoe, the end is almost in sight. And, hopefully, so too is a new beginning.

After about a dozen weeks of disruption to date, the $3.33 million reconstruction of Norfolk Street is nearing completion.


No one is looking forward to the end of the reconstruction more than Simcoe's Business Improvement Association. In fact, the BIA is planning a big party June 30 to mark the event.

In addition to holding extended sales to 10 p.m. on the day before the July 1 holiday, there will be a fashion show, dance and fitness demonstrations and music all-day at a special stage to be set up on Syndenham Street.


In the meantime, continue to tread carefully.


Remembering Reagan

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