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March 4, 2002

Hey Fanz!


As usual, it never rains but it pours!  After all this time since you've heard from me, I've got five gigs in the next two weeks!


First off, I'll be the sound man at:


March 8th

Women's Day Concert


Hosted by Anubha Parray (CBC Morning program-Andy Barrie)


The line-up that's been confirmed at this time:      

Daughters of the Rock- Newfoundland a cappella trio

Marcia Johnson- stand-up comic

Annie Su- singing Chinese opera (former Music School parent, she teaches Mandarin to children at St. Christopher House)         

Hope- from the senior's program will dance a traditional Japanese dance           

Kao- also from senior's program- plays a traditional Vietnamese string instrument.  

Tuyet Le- staff member- Vietnamese folk songs   

Dipali Kapadia- former music student who just completed her diploma programme at Royal Conservatory-classical piano

Gaby Frias- CPOP staff member-singing songs from South America        

Jacqueline Johnson- Music School staff member- jazz singer  

Patricia Pereira- Music School student- pop singer   

Jean Cochrane- author of the book "Kensington" who will do a short reading and also talk about the history of St. Christopher House in Kensington.

Gila Raposo- Billy Joel's Lullaby with Daughters of the Rock 

Lana Chou - Music School student - flute   


There may be a couple of others but as is, it's a very rich, full evening's entertainment.

There will be a cash bar and silent auction (the auction will open 6:00)

The show starts at 7:30.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Admission includes tea/coffee/pastry.

All proceeds go to the St. Christopher House Music School

Guaranteed good time!!!

For more information call Sherry at 416-532-4828 x127



Next day, Saturday, March 9, I'll be playing at the


Fair Vote Canada Toronto Chapter Social.


The what? 


Check out http://www.FairVoteCanada.org


It'll be the debut of the Single Non-Transferable Orchestra.


The what?


Look, it's a party, OK?  It's open to the public, and there's no admission charge.  There will be a cash bar and door prizes!  130 Carlton Street, (east of Jarvis), 9:00 p.m.




Then on Saturday, March 16, it's the return of


The Wee Stinky Band! 


This band plays twice a year at Roosters Bar & Grill in Barrie.  It's always packed, so come early!



The following day, Sunday, March 17, is St. Patrick's Day, and I'll be sitting in with




so called because they play celtic music and come out once a year.  That's at the Collision, 573 College at Manning.  We start at 10 p.m. and go 'til whenever.




And finally:

March 23rd

Scoff 'n' Scuff


St. Christopher House, (Dundas & Ossington, Toronto)

TICKETS: $30 (general) $20 (students and seniors)

This includes Jigg's Dinner, tea/coffee and squares AND

Entertainment includes:

Daughters of the Rock


Barry Galloway

More information to follow or call call Sherry at 416-532-4828 x127


I'll be the sound guy again at the Scoff 'n' Scuff, but if I'm good, they'll let me play the flute!



Wayne Neon



P.S. http://DaughtersOfTheRock.com


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