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September 7, 2002

Hey Fanz!

Twice a year, the Wee Stinky Band convenes at Rooster's Bar & Grill in Barrie! It's time! We'll be playing this Saturday, September 14! Get there early, 'cause it'll be packed! Opening act is The Worms! It's Cha-Cha's 50th birthday party!

Good news for those of you who wish I would play in Toronto once in a while! I'll be appearing at the Brunswick-Ulster Street Fair with Mr. Froggie and the Worm Gear, (The Band Larger Than Lighthouse), on Sunday, September 22! There will be music all afternoon, but Mr. Froggie will go on sometime after five! The Brunswick-Ulster Street Fair takes place at the corner of Brunswick and Ulster! (Duh!)

Yours ecstatically!
Wayne Neon

P.S. Check out the Amnesty Café, upstairs at the Victory Café, in the Markham Village, behind Honest Ed's, on the third Tuesday of every month. Music, poetry and conversation about human rights. I'm usually the sound guy. September 17, the theme is India, October 15, China.

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