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Pattie Walker

Pattie Walker

Pattie Walker is the real deal. An Artist with a capital A.

Whitby Hospital

She does miraculous things with stained glass like these windows for the chapel of the Whitby Hospital.

She does nice work on a small scale, too.

These are new pieces sitting in the window of her studio.


Her work is complex, graceful, warm, sophisticated and charming.

So is she.

Pattie Walker
Neon River

Together, we have been making illuminated pieces with deep-carved sandblasted glass sidelit with neon.

This was our first piece.


This is a wallhanging piece, intended to be the first of a series.

The frame is stainless steel.



Most recently, we made this series, using coloured neon for the first time.

We photographed it when it was on display at the Syllogy Gallery in Toronto.

It was also in a show at the Myers-Roschar Studio at Stoney Lake

The reflections were interesting, but distracting, so I took 'em out. Ain't Photoshop wonderful?



And here's the professional photo: Tryptych 1.86MB

Wayne & Mark


In May of 2005, I worked with Pattie, Wayne Howell and Mark McCabe restoring the stained glass windows at St. Lukes Catholic Church in Markham.

And here's another piece we worked on together. It's called "Ode" or "A Piece of Morning/Mourning" and it's based on a Leonard Cohen song but not really.

Ode Ode

Pattie Walker Studios 416-925-2966

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