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Canadian Music Week

March 5, 2004 at Revival

Amnesty International was invited to participate in the Canadian Music Week Conference held in Toronto on March 3 - 6, 2004.

We had an information table during the musicians' TuneUP conference at The Westin Harbor Castle Hotel.

The Revival

As well, Canadian Music Week and the Amnesty International Toronto Organization, in association with Global Rhythm magazine, presented a special evening of music of the world on Friday, March 5, 2004 at the Revival club on College Street West.

The musicians who performed at this important concert write and perform music which is relevant to their roots and beliefs. They are mindful and respectful regarding the past, present and future.

Diego Fuentes from Much More Music was MC for the evening.

Diego Fuentes Diego Fuentes

There were between 150 -200 people present in the club at any given time so about 300 people were exposed to Amnesty International.

Volunteers gave out information about human rights, and urged people to take action by sending postcards to the Prime Minister and the Premier.

15% of the admission charge was donated to Amnesty International.

Barbara Croall

BARBARA CROALL : Traditional native flutes

Suba Sankaran


Rooted in ancient traditional artforms of north and south Indian classical music
Kekeli Kekeli
Kekeli Kekeli


West African drumming and dance group
Kekeli Kekeli
Maza Meze


The traditional sounds of Greece and the Mid-East touch the extremities of Jazz and contemporary music
Maza Meze Maza Meze
Dancer Samba Squad
Lyba Lyba


An intoxicating plethora of Samba-based West African, Caribbean and Afro-Cuban styles of Carnival rhythms
Rick Lazar


Soulful vocals and intelligent rhythms are influenced by R & B, Jazz, Hip Hop and Soul, paying tribute to their North American roots.

Elena Dumitru, Regional Development Coordinator for Amnesty International in Toronto, introduced the last group, Blurred Vision, the band who actually approached AI to participate.

Elena also announced the launch of AI's two-year campaign to stop violence against women.

Elena Elena Elena


Smudging the boundaries between Pop, Rock and Psychedelia, with flavours of the Mid-East, paying homage to their homeland of Iran
Blurred Vision
Blurred Vision

The musicians from Blurred Vision say they would like to make this an annual event, involving local bands from cities in which they will be touring.


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