Amnesty International Toronto Organization

Regional Meeting October 16, 2004

Setup Report

Marilyn McKim

My responsibilities were to get the information & merchandise to Metro Hall and to help choose and package gifts.

Getting access the night before to set up turned out to be absolutely essential. It took huge pressures off everyone from what would have been a tough challenge at 8 am (the opening time of Metro Hall) for an 8:30 start. Although we had been given the number for Security and had called ahead, the specific directions were not substantial enough to help us get to the right loading dock.  That cost us most of an hour and a lot of sweat. For next year, here are some of the people who know exactly where to go: Wayne, Elena, Patricia, Andy, Marilyn. My parking expenses were paid by the Meeting -- Thank you.

The gift selection was appropriate and generous, I thought. For next year, I would recommend smaller-sized gifts (e.g. Paul Bentley lugged around a huge gift bag most of the day) and having a volunteer take on this task as their sole contribution to the organization of the Meeting. The job would be to get a master list, choose gifts, buy bags/wrapping, ensure the gifts get to Metro Hall, and organize the gift giving. Consideration needs to be given in advance about who is going to present each gift to speakers. (That it all worked out so well on this occasion is a miracle, and it was probably Patricia and Elena who had the magic wands to make it happen.)