Amnesty International Toronto Organization

Regional Meeting October 16, 2004


Promotion Report

Patrick Furey



Brief preliminary notices of the conference were advertized in the July/August edition of the Activist and in the Toronto Calendar of Events (via Mary MacRae's e-mail distribution).  More detailed articles, each including a summary of the provisional agenda, were included in the September/October Activist and Calendar of Events.  The latter was posted on two occasions, the last one being about a month prior to the conference date. No further notices went out on the Calendar owing to the transition from e-mail to list-serve.  However, messages were sent directly to group contacts by the AITO Secretary and to other key people, such as fieldworkers, by the Regional Development Coordinator.


The advertizing strategy appears to have been adequate based on the final attendance figures for the conference, i.e. at or very close to capacity limit.