Amnesty International Toronto Organization

Regional Meeting October 16, 2004


Armed Force Panel Outline

Hilary Homes


Hi again Wayne:

Just one last note to let you know that I *have* put together a two page handout describing AI's current position and listing some of the possible future directions (the chart  from the paper I sent you) along with a number of key questions. I will bring a BIG pile along with copies of some scenarios for people to consider. The latter are paragraph-long "fictional yet familiar" descriptions of situations. I'd like each person to have the handout plus one of these scenarios (there are five) and suggest perhaps just putting them on the chairs in the plenary (I'd help do this set up of course).

The process I discussed with Alex went like this:

Alex sets the context of the "debate" -- how AI got to this point and what we are workings towards (i.e. decision at the 2005 ICM in August)

I will briefly describe the pros and cons of some of the directions/options being considered (essentially that chart plus some additional commentary)

We would then invite the participants to look at the scenario they were given and either frame their comments in relation to that or just discuss the use of force issue more generally -- whatever starting point works for them.

And then we just see where the discussion goes :-)

We could wrap up by once again describing how people can continue to be involved in the debate over the winter, spring and at the AGM in May.

Hope that sounds good to you. See you tomorrow!


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