Amnesty International Toronto Organization

Regional Meeting October 16, 2004


Workshop report Creative Exposure

April Anne Viczko



The Creative Exposure Workshop Report:

In my estimation, things went very well. There were lots of questions asked, and the group seemed to respond well. There were around 15 people participating. Some requests were made to put a tip sheet on the website of the things discussed in the workshop.

It was clear that not all members know about the Artists in Action Specialized Team, or where to go if they have questions regarding design, presentation, use of the logo, and quick & cheap solutions to visual problems. I think we certainly addressed a need that was out there among the membership. There were also requests for a re-mount of this workshop for the AGM. Susanne and I covered all the material we had intended to cover.

We could jam in a few more things, but I think the major item I would add to the workshop is a hand-out with the tips on it already for easy reference for the participants.

It was great fun and I am looking forward to more meetings!