Amnesty International Toronto Organization

Regional Meeting Evaluation Session

Nov 23, 2004




In attendance


Patrick Furey, Wayne Smith (chair), Patricia Grenier, Andy Buxton, Bridgette Clark, Elena Dumitru, Iris Nowell


General discussion


The video of the event is complete.  It will be available in video and CD ROM versions and is well worth watching.  Thanks to Florin for doing the video.


Overall feeling of the evaluation group was that the regional meeting went very well.  This was definitely confirmed by the overwhelmingly positive nature of the evaluations completed by meeting participants.


Specific follow-up points


·        Wayne will prepare a ‘2 page’ summary report, and will cut and paste the detailed reports as appendices to his summary (which will be forwarded to AI national)

·        We will forward the participant evaluation summary (PowerPoint presentation) to AI national

·        We will suggest the following workshops could be presented at the next AGM: (done)

·        Economic, Social, Cultural Rights

·        Art in Action

·        AI in 100 Seconds

·        Security Certificates

(Wayne will forward our suggestions to the AGM planning committee.)

·        Bridgette will prepare and circulate a short regional meeting write up for the Activist (done)

·        AITO discussion/decision early in 2005 about the next regional conference, with the preference for a full day meeting every 2 years and a half day ‘mini meeting’ every other year per an excellent suggestion from Iris

·        The summary report plus photos will be posted at the AITO web site

·        We will email the summary report to the list of participants who registered by email (Andy will do this once the report is final)

·        Wayne will prepare thank you letters for presenters

·        Bridgette will prepare thank you letters for Metro Hall, catering, Olivia Chow

·        Patricia will forward the refund cheque to AI national


Some ‘lessons’ we don’t want to forget


·        We will try to avoid the council chamber next time and simply use a large room for the plenary

·        We need to stay on top of plans for workshops and plenaries to ensure overall coherence (Stop Violence Against Women panel didn’t ‘jell’ very well)

·        Getting in to set up on Friday night was an absolute must (Saturday would have been a disaster if we hadn’t set up Friday)

·        Per Bridgette’s suggestion, we should do something ‘uplifting’ at the end so we close on a positive note