Amnesty International Group 74

Amnesty International Group 74 is one of the oldest Amnesty International community groups in Canada. The group has been meeting monthly since 1981 to write letters and take action on human rights violations around the world.

Group 74 works on human rights in China, and the abolition of the death penalty, and is part of the West Africa Regional Action Network and the Urgent Action Network of Amnesty International.

Group 74 meets on the third Monday of each month except August and December.
For information, contact:

Cait Ryan, 416-488-2925,


Barb Fryer, 416-423-1178,

Group 74 pics
Xu Wenli

Group 74 worked for two years on the case of Chinese democracy activist Xu Wenli (left), who was being held as a prisoner of conscience. He was released from prison on December 24, 2003.