The Badgers

Rainout Policy

From: Sheila Kerr

Hi Wayne,

If there is a rain-out for the game, is it announced on the website, or do you mail it out to us, or do we just guess, and if so, what time do we get a decision?

sheila of mrs. sauga

Hey, Badgers!

Badger policy on rainouts is:           Always Show Up.

(Coincidentally, this is also the Badger Motto.)

Winning by forfeit is a a key part of the Badger Victory Strategy.

Many's the game we've played in glorious sunshine at 7:00 p.m. after it has been pouring rain at 4:00.

Rain or shine, we drink.

Semper arribare!



. . . but check your email at 5:30!

The Badgers