The Badgers


Hello, Badgers!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The First Annual Badger Spring Training Strategy Conference General Meeting Potluck Hootenanny will take place on Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 3:00 p.m. at 340 Gerrard Street East, third floor, just east of Parliament.

Attendance is compulsory for all Badgers, spouses, friends, hot prospects, and anybody named Fitzmaurice.

Gloves are optional. Bring food and musical instruments.


Semper arribare!


From: pattie

Good one... I spoke with Kerry F and forwarded your lovely announcement. She will let the Clan know on this upcoming Easter weekend when many of the gang will be in Bracebridge. She told me that May 13th is mother's day... I told her that mothers were welcome...
Ta ta for now.


Got it. The First Badger Spring Training Camp, Annual General Meeting & Mother's Day Potluck Hootennany.


Hey Badgers!

OK, it has come to our attention that some intransigent mothers may not be willing to come to our Potluck Hootenanny, thereby creating scheduling conflicts.

Please advise me by April 21 whether;

a) you will be attending if the party is Sunday, May 13; or

b) you will be attending if the party is Saturday, May 12; or

c) you will be attending whenever the party is held; or

d) you wouldn't be caught dead at a stupid Badger party; or

e) you don't give a !#$%^, just stop sending these !@#$% e-mails!


Hey Badgers!

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the First Badger Spring Training Camp, Annual General Meeting, and Pre-Mother's Day Potluck Hootenanny. It was the best one ever!

Especial thanks to the ever gracious and fabulous Paul Copeland and Pattie Walker, for having us over to their magnificent digs for this bash, for which the theme was "Hit the Shower!"

Special thanks also to David, Jonathan R., Rory and Connor, for having the guts to make music with me.

But enough chit chat. The season will get under way on this Wednesday, May 16, at 6:30, at Central Commerce, (570 Shaw Street, south of Harbord), with an exhibition game against Opera.

All games this season will be on Wednesdays.

The three fields we will be using are:

Riverdale Park, (East side, off Broadview),
Central Commerce, (570 Shaw Street, south of Harbord), and
Alexandra Park, (Bathurst & Dundas, behind Scadding Court).

As usual, Dave Landry of the Remnants is preparing the schedule, and you will have it as soon as I do.

There was one rule change made this year at the Captain's Meeting:

From now on, a Mercy Inning will be declared after SEVEN runs, have been scored,(not nine), except in the seventh inning; there is no Mercy in the seventh inning.

Paul Copeland has agreed to serve as Second (alternate contact) for the Badgers this year.

I don't know, I just have this funny feeling that this might be the year we win it all.


The Badgers