The Badgers


Hey, Badgers!

So, we see it is truly said, the playoffs are a second season.

I want to thank each of you for Showing Up this year. After all, without you, the Badgers would be just a bag of balls.

Now that the pain has begun to subside, we can look back and realize that, yes, it was another great season. Indeed, it was, once again, the Best Season Ever.

And yet, we have goals that remain ahead of us, such as Winning In The Playoffs, and the ever elusive Beat Toronto Life.

It seems to me that, if we are to advance, we must make better use of the prodigious brain power which is so characteristic of the Badger legacy. And so, I am asking each of you to contribute your suggestions as to where the Badgers need to go from here.

Suggestions received so far:

Paul: We need more players. I still have T-shirts left.

Marc: A blockbuster ten-player trade with Toronto Life.

Wayne: The Sovereignty Association approach - whenever we lose a game, we insist that it be replayed.

I know you can do better than this.

Stay tuned for details of the Badger Victory Party.

Semper Arribare!


From: David Hayes

Maybe we need one of those fancy bat bags that other teams hang up on the backstop. I say, if we're not winning on talent, let's buy new equipment! How `bout a couple of those $299 bats. (I know somebody who'll cork `em for a small fee.) cheers, david

From : Shelly Vanderhoef

I think buying a new bat bag (or anything, really) would be a fantastic idea. Retail therapy is always a winner. I also think a slight change in personal appearance can be a positive approach to lifting team spirit. As a result, I would suggest everyone grow a goatee (including the women). That should really help us bond and would really intimidate the opposing teams.


From : David Hayes

I second Shelly's suggestion about a team goatee. I think Daniel Smith should go first, & the rest of us will follow, no matter which colour he chooses. david

From : Jonathan Rudin

Does this mean I have to shave my beard down to a goatee? As for corking the bats, David H's suggestion, I am unalterably opposed. Not only is it cheating etc,. (can you even cork an aluminum bat) my bigger concern is that my weak flies that drop between the infield and outfield will now become mediocre pop outs to the outfielders. I have spent years trying to find a way to play to my very middling skills, lets not go messing it up now. My suggestion for next year is for every player to pick a theme song (like they do at the Jays game) and then we'll get someone with a CD burner to put all our songs on a CD, bring a boom box to the game and play ourselves to the plate. Jonathan

From : David Hayes

The Badger e-mail list is more energetic than our offensive often was, but what the hell. Let's burn up cyberspace with suggestions for appropriate music for each Badger. I'll start. How 'bout "Leader of the Pack" played whenever Wayne steps up to the plate? The Coasters' "Speedo" for Daniel Copeland? david

From : Paul Copeland

For my music I want Mahalia Jackson doing " I want to live the life I sing about in my song" Paul

From : Jonathan Ison

Now there's the best idea I've heard yet - a theme song. Hmm, I'd like that. I think maybe the theme from Evita for me! (focusing on the "...don't cry for me" part).

Jonathan I.

The Badgers